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“Yannik weave’s powerful leadership principles into his captivating story, ensuring that everyone present, is not only entertained and inspired but also educated on how the challenges they face in business leadership be used for growth & profitability”
Mike Thomas
CEO, Alison South Marketing Group
“I have hired Yannik to speak at several of my entrepreneurship conferences from St. Thomas, The Virgin Islands to Miami, Florida and his talks ALWAYS exceed my expectations. Yannik is a consummate professional and very good at what he does. I am pleased to have him on my team!”
Professor Devin Robinson
Founder of Urban Business Institute and Beauty Supply Institute,
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“Living in Purpose” – Virtual or In-Person

Do you struggle with maximizing the productivity of your team? Are problems sapping your team’s innovation, enthusiasm, and creativity?

Then you can use PURPOSE UNDER PRESSURE! In this talk Yannik increases the resilience and mental toughness of teams by equipping them with tested purpose principles that transform problems into productivity! 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the keys to Improved emotional intelligence, increased resilience & positive mental attitude
  • Learn the 3 principles that increase leadership impact, increase passion & optimize performance 
  • Identifying & eliminating the causes of mental distractions & team disengagement

Anna’s talk

How to Build A Magnetic Culture Where People Want to Work

With the transparency and accessible information on the internet, it’s easier than ever for a company’s culture to be brought to light. It is the responsibility of the organization to create the company culture that employees want to work for. This means that your current employees are your brand ambassadors and carry the reputation of the company. 

Workplaces need to understand that your employees are the meat and bones of their organizations. As companies set the cultures that attract high-quality talent, the bottom line will increase exponentially.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The power of organizational culture and how to build it 
  • How to build brand ambassadors and how that leads to high-quality talent acquisition 
  • Increased productivity and teamwork leads to a higher bottom line

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