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Founder's Spotlight:
Yannik McKie


Yannik Mckie

The Man

Growing up, Yannik McKie had the life everyone wanted, parents who loved him, a house to come home to and enough money. And then, everything changed. When his parents died of AIDS when he was a teenager, Yannik struggled to make things make sense, and he pulled away from all he knew. His decisions landed him before a federal judge, where he found a second chance.

He took that chance, charged forward into the world and made it a better place.

 Yannik wrote his first book, Living in the Shadows: Adversity Creates Purpose, after proving that his pain had a purpose. That with his second chance, he could help others find their purpose. He helped launch Brother to Brother, a reading-turned-mentorship program in the Bowen Homes Neighborhood in Zone 4 of Atlanta. He soon discovered his story from the book was one people wanted to hear. 

 Taking his story on the road has allowed Yannik to share the pain he experienced and his newly discovered purpose. On this journey, Yannik found the courage to tell the whole story, inspiring others to share theirs. This story has been featured in ESPN’s The Undefeated, The Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, Good Day Atlanta and TBN’s 700 Club.

The Mission

Yannik has started several nonprofits, including Living in Purpose, a nonprofit committed to helping families in the community turn their tragedies into triumphs. Living in Purpose Foundation is the parent organization of several programs like Men in Training, which partners caring adults with hurting kids. Yannik has a passion for speaking with teenagers and has two conferences focusing on two major issues teens face, sex and mental health. Living in Purpose also has a program that empowers Black women to advocate for their health in a world that treats their health conditions poorly. 

Yannik’s impact on the community was recognized when he was awarded the Change Maker of the year award from the New Leaders Council and inducted into his alma mater, Georgia Southern University’s, Top 40 under 40 alumni class. The Purpose Center in Augusta, Georgia, continues Yannik’s first mission, to help teenagers find purpose in their pain.

Purpose Fueled Leader, Yannik’s Atlanta-based marketing company was his first step into the business world. Over the past 16 years, he’s shared his leadership experiences and business acumen with leaders and companies and helped them figure out their purpose, navigating past pain points and obstacles. 

When companies work with Yannik and Purpose Fueled Leader, they receive a personalized evaluation, the tools to equip them to make changes and guidance in executing them. Across the churches, nonprofits, universities and businesses that have worked with Purope Fueled Leader, the feedback is the same. Leaders walk away feeling empowered and prepared to take their leaders to the next level. 


I want people to know my past, so they can see how it formed me and my business.
Yannik Mckie
Founder of Purpose Fueled Leader

The Message

Yannik’s diverse life experiences make him a highly sought-after speaker & coach for entrepreneurs, businesses, universities and nonprofit organizations. He can excite any crowd, large or small, to lean into his message and the business’s goals. With thought-provoking leadership questions and personality tools to help leaders learn how their employees work, Yannik can help make the most out of the workday, prioritize goals, and ensure the right people are in the right place. 


Yannik’s message comes down to this, you can overcome challenges and maximize productivity, passion and peace – despite your personal or professional past. Let Yannik and the team at Purpose Fueled Leader help your business take the next step.

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