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Get trained in fundamental components of Enneagram through a self-paced online experience. The comparison of a range of profiles as well as key concepts such as triads and arrows reveals the power of the instrument to help identify opportunities for individual and team success, and potential human behavior challenges.
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified in the use of the Enneagram assessment. Certified users will be given a Resource Guide that will help guide the user through the certification process and referred to for later use. Certification is provided remotely to fit your schedule!


Get a foundational certification in the Enneagram personality test and become an Enneagram teacher. Learn how one deals with problems, positive and negative feelings, procedures, and routines and pace. These skills will help you learn how to interact and empathize with others.

On an individual level, the Enneagram can help build confidence and understanding of an individual’s own personal healthy and unhealthy behaviors. The self-awareness that can be gained through the Enneagram ultimately can lead to better consciousness and habits that would grow leadership skills, motivation, and effectiveness.

On a team level, understanding the different Enneagram personality types can help decrease judgment and critique of others while increasing compassion and sensitivity for others. Understanding other teammates’ work styles and Enneagram type can improve communication, employee engagement initiatives, creativity, and productivity.

The Enneagram learning, background, tools, and techniques you learn from this certification can be applied to individual coaching, team performance, and organizational development. You will get access to leading technology from Purpose-Fueled Leader AND training on how to apply Enneagram concepts for any business problem.

The Enneagram study allows the deepening of personal and professional relationships through understanding behavioral patterns of different personality types under different circumstances of difficulty, pain, and conflict. Results from the Enneagram test help identify personal blind spots and allow for personal and relational growth.

We find it fascinating to see ourselves and others through the insights that our accredited Enneagram program offers. The Enneagram is the best tool for personal growth, leadership, and helping others expand beyond what’s holding them back.

The Enneagram tells us about the relationship of our personalities. This certification course will focus on techniques that help you see through our personality structures’ veils to have a more direct experience in your individuality.

Our participants look at the personality types as aspects of human nature that can be found regardless of our type. This certification course features exercises for each individual. We focus primarily on gaining a deeper understanding of the Assessment.

If you are interested in finding more effective ways of using the Enneagram coaching, our Enneagram certification program is perfect for you.


  • Becoming an Enneagram expert is much different than applying it

  • Other training & certification programs may be costly and may require travel

  • Most courses are taught from other perspectives, leading to bias

  • It can be overwhelming choosing the rights books and resources

  • Approaching certification without a plan is stressful

  • Starting a career as a Enneagram certified coach can feel impossible

The Purpose-Fueled Leader Enneagram Certification course has everything you need to grow your skills and give you the knowledge and resources to guide others.


Those who take the Purpose-Fueled Leader Enneagram certification course range in many different industries and occupations. Purpose-Fueled Leader Enneagram experts come from those including:

  • Prospective Coaches who want to turn their passion for impacting others into a thriving business

  • Ministry Leaders who want to lead their community and shepherd their flock more effectively

  • Counselors who wish to incorporate this life-changing tool into their mental health practices

  • Business Leaders who want to build, support, and motivate their team well

Some individuals may be navigating the loss of a job, frustration with their current career path, or a change in their home life responsibilities and dynamics. Many feel some degree of anxiety concerning our future and what our lives will look like years ahead.

But what if you could overcome your fear and uncertainty and replace it with passion and purpose? What if you’re being called into a new purpose and path, one with more security and flexibility and the opportunity to use your unique qualities and abilities?

Suppose you’ve experienced transformation through the Enneagram. In that case, you may wish to pass the gift on to others by becoming a coach, launching your own business, and earning an income for your family by following a passion for values that adhere to your practices.

In the midst of the unknown, become Enneagram certified and invest in your future!


Enneagram coaching is both freeing and fulfilling.

Prospects with any occupational background can get started. You can begin practicing at any age and at any stage of life.

Those who take our course can work from home and choose their hours. The investment is low-risk with minimum overhead. And your primary tools will be everything in this course, your computer, and a good internet connection.

If you love Enneagram and helping people, the Purpose-Fueled Leader program is for you. Those who take the Purpose-Fueled Leader Enneagram Certification course represent a diverse collection of established counselors, professionals, stay-at-home workers, and business professionals.


Enneagram Coaches help people discover their Enneagram Type, explore who they are, reach their goals, and become their best selves. Enneagram Coaches who take our course learn how to work through the individual’s lens. Their clients will learn to know, trust, and believe who they are..

Unlike counseling, therapy, your focus won’t be on your client’s past. You’ll meet the individual, couple, or team where they are right now and give them the tools, wisdom, and guidance to better themselves as an individual.

We value our coaches’ experience walking through the course in the community and as coaches. This is why the online certification course is flexible and can be completed at any pace.

Most Enneagram training is far away, making you incur travel costs, hotel costs, and food costs. Some training is also spread out, so you have to travel back to the training several times, adding more expenses. The Living in Purpose Enneagram Certification course is flexible and encouraging. The online registration means there are no travel costs, and you can take this course during a busy season of life. You will receive plenty of video recordings and other course material. One of the additional perks is access to coaches in our network. Many coaches’ encouraging community is a great place for support and invaluable wisdom.

There are many benefits of being a Living in Purpose certified coach. One is the peace of mind it gives to your clients. It shows them that you have gone through a reputable course and have the experience and expertise it takes to coach them. Our course differentiates you from other coaches, ensuring that you are not a “self-proclaimed” Enneagram expert. It is better to have taken the time to learn and acquire the skills necessary to lead others then be titled a “self-proclaimed” expert.

Our program is perfect for anyone interested in becoming an Enneagram Coach. Additionally, our Enneagram certification course is one of the few offerings that teach you the Enneagram from a business perspective. The accreditation and experience within our courses are a fantastic place to learn more about the Enneagram and have the opportunity to ask questions. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll help you find if this is the best opportunity for you.

The online course is self-paced but on average the course takes about 3 hours. You will also be asked to complete a 30 minute 1:1 session with a Cloverleaf representative at the end of the course to complete your certification.

What does the Purpose-Fueled Leader Enneagram Certification Course Include?

The Enneagram certification course offers the following learning objectives:


  • To gain a deeper understanding of the Assessment: what it is and how to maximize its value

  • To learn how to understand behavior and motivation better

  • To learn how to use the Assessment in a team dynamic

  • To understand the feedback techniques that provide greater team clarity


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