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Core Values
  • Productivity - Making the most of each day.
  • Passion - Looking forward to each day.
  • Peace - Having a calm and assured heart and mind each day.
  • Profit - Seeing a return on investment each day.
Purpose Fueled Leader will help 1000 organizations build cultures that increase employee engagement so that every employee says thank goodness it’s Monday.
Purpose Fueled Leader increases Productivity, Passion, Peace and Profit for CEO’s, entrepreneurs and team leaders through tailored business strategy and leadership development.

Purpose-Fuel Your Culture

A Team Fueled By Results

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Team Workshops

Transform your leadership by increasing self-awareness, enhancing communication abilities, and developing the ability to manage change.

Business Strategy

Executive coaching for your team, quarterly workshops, daily micro-coaching, and access to a leadership dashboard that increases your Productivity, Passion, Peace and Profit.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development program enhances employee engagement by addressing recruiting, growth, and retention. Tailored approaches, key performance indicators, and defined roles align your business strategy with the right talent.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Purpose-Fueled Leader has empowered me immensely as a small business owner. The accountability, support, and implementation of initiatives that I didn't have the time or capacity to focus on has been priceless. My team feels more cohesive, I feel like I have a pathway for scaling, and we're continually looking at ways to keep me on my cutting edge as a person and a business owner. Highly recommend!

Alison Couch

Owner at Ignite Accounting & Business Advisors

Purpose-fueled Leader is my go to for my leadership development. I have been working with Yannik for over a decade and the support we receive exceeds my expectations.

Devin Robinson

Founder & CEO, Beauty Supply Institute & The Urban Business Institute

Golden Harvest partnered with Purpose-Fueled Leader to create a culture of transparency, healthy communication and trust. The workshops, coaching and leadership development helped our staff maximize their productivity without sacrificing our passion and peace. Providing food resources to hungry families in our community is hard work and working with PFL helped us stay motivated and on mission! If you want to equip your leadership team, I highly recommend this investment. 

Amy Brietman

President & CEO, Golden Harvest Food Bank

Through working with Purpose Fueled Leader, in less than a year, Pebble Creek increased profitability by 133%, it upped Net Profit from 7% to over 13% and sales increased 500k and expenses decreased.

Ryan Kroger

Founder & CEO, Pebble Creek Landscaping & Maintenance - Winner of the 2023 Landscaper of the Year Award

Return On Your Investment


New Managers



Group Coaching

How We Help Your Business

We help increase employee engagement, and transform culture through a tailored business strategy and leadership development.


Making the most of each day.


Looking forward to each day.


Having a calm and assured heart and mind each day.


Seeing a return on investment each day.

Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, a portion of the proceeds go to our sister organization, Living in Purpose Foundation, to give at-risk youth access to information and mentorship to thrive and excel.

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